Financial planners can come from diverse bachelor’s backgrounds because there’s on-the-job training. You can even take the Certified Financial Planner exam years after getting hired. Career changers with strong math, analytical, and decision-making skills will succeed here. Financial planners receive mean income of $121,770 and top pay of $161,860. They cultivate relationships with donors and practice good stewardship—keeping donors engaged and continuing to support the organization—and may also oversee grant applications and reports. It’s important to note this isn’t an entry-level job; you need at least a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, nonprofit management, or similar.

  • You need to be careful to avoid scams when you’re looking for data entry work, but there are legitimate data entry jobs that are suitable for entry-level employees.
  • We operateWhite Rabbit ExpressandBlackship, proxying buying and package forwarding services loved by tens of thousands of individuals and businesses in 100+ countries.
  • You may not have every skill you need to succeed in your new position yet, but don’t be daunted.

It can be a fun way to make some extra money while also building your professional network. Plus, there are direct sales companies for a variety of niches, from health and wellness to cosmetics to jewelry (Stella & Dot).


It’s one of the best hands on jobs that pay well for research and problem-solving skills. Environmental scientists enjoy average earnings of $77,580 and top pay of $133,070. The number of environmental scientists will rise 8 percent to 92,000. Hospital administrators are medical services managers who ensure facilities are equipped, staffed, and funded for quality patient care.

  • Marketing managers identify and target the right audience of people interested in buying their organization’s goods or services.
  • Drawing on his own story, Richard explains how by ditching the conventional career rules, you’ll radically increase your chances of finding something you love.
  • As remote work continues, we’re likely to see more remote jobs for IT and cybersecurity professionals as well.
  • Maybe you want more time to travel and do the things you really love.
  • As COVID-19 restrictions on travel continue to lift, many travel agencies are hiring workers to help them handle clients’ needs.

Many websites and blog owners do not have the resources to create new content, so they need to What does a DevOps engineer do? outsource it to freelancers. Are you great at planning out trips and booking accommodations?

Alternative career options, resume writing tips, and preparing for your new role.

People coming from media and journalism are also likely to do well in publicity — for one, they will find the contact they’ve made extremely useful in generating buzz for clients. You’ll need to have exceptional communication skills, as well as people skills. A fast-growing, in-demand field, market research will appeal to people coming from plenty of different fields, including sales, marketing, statistics, data analytics and product development. Many market Front End Developer Certificates researchers are self-employed, so they can choose their own clients and hours, giving them some flexibility. Regardless of which type of customer service job you take, you’ll need patience, communication skills, and a background in or aptitude for retail, customer service, or marketing. If you’re thinking about working from home, the good news is that there are remote jobs for workers in all kinds of industries, from healthcare to education to marketing.

remote jobs for second career

Had I just seen the organisation’s website or a job ad in a newspaper, I might never have discovered the connection I had with them. But it was made real by meeting the team, seeing the environment and getting a feel for the energy of the place.

Identify Transferable Skills

In order to excel in this position, you must demonstrate health and fitness knowledge, strong interpersonal leadership skills, energy and commitment, and a solutions-oriented approach. With many students still participating in remote learning across the country, there is a great need for online tutors. Online tutors must demonstrate patience and empathy, exhibit problem-solving skills, and have technical knowledge in a specific area.

remote jobs for second career

If you are bilingual, or multilingual, you may be able to parlay your language skills into one of many remote opportunities. As more and more companies hope to combat prejudice and address bias within their own organizations, there will be an ever-growing need for expert consultants with experience in issues related to DEI. Not all industries are evolving in their capacity to offer remote work in the same ways. With this in mind, you may want to focus your search for remote work on opportunities in some of the top industries that offer the most remote potential.

Revenue Operations Manager

Please mention the word BONNY when applying to show you read the job post completely (#RODQuMTcuNDYuMjI0). Please mention the word CONVIENT when applying to show you read the job post completely (#RODQuMTcuNDYuMjI0). Under the “Jobs” tab, you can search for part-time remote opportunities for various experience levels and industries. LinkedIn’s jobs board offers a high volume of job postings and simplifies the job search process with features like “Easy Apply” and job alerts.

Fundraising managers find creative ways to spread awareness of their nonprofit’s good deeds to drum up financial support. Fundraising managers normally can have a bachelor’s degree in any field from nonprofit management to social work. Becoming a Certified Fund Raising Executive is helpful but fully optional. Career changers need persuasive speaking, event planning, and ethical money management skills. Fundraising managers report average earnings of $114,800 and top pay of $181,020. The BLS predicts fundraising management openings will increase 8 percent. Social media directors are tech-savvy influencers who shape a brand’s image on the internet.

Content Marketer

There are many spammy sites and scams on the internet, especially when it comes to finding paid work. Many sites will promise you a high amount of money, but the work you are doing is not what they describe on their site. Is a writer for Clever Girl Finance and she teaches people how to take meaningful action towards their money goals.

remote jobs for second career

I was also testing ideas in a way that meant that I didn’t need to leave my day job before I’d figured out what I really wanted to do . In my career-change journey, it took me four and a half years to get out of a career that wasn’t right for me. If you were climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest, it’s possible you could do it by yourself, but it’s highly likely you’d want to go with others – peers, a guide, a support team.